ART turns thoughts into paint and ideas into artworks. BOOKS turn ink into blood and words into flesh. MUSIC turns silence into sound and emotions into rhymes.


Life is fair and that’s a fact.

People that say life is not fair are selfish. If I have two friends and I share with the first but not with the second…the first friend would call me generous but the second friend would call me selfish…so what am I??

Life takes from one and gives to another…the ultimate balance.

If you disobey the rules of life consciously or unconsciously you will be punished and the converse applies if you obey. If a baby rolls off its cradle, it would fall. If a grown man jumps from a tall building, he would fall to no exceptions. We say life is unfair when bad things happen to us just because we want everything to be good. But there are other people going through bad things who need good things too, and they won’t get it if life was selective. The resources are not and can never be enough for everyone. When something bad happens to think about the next guy…think that life is making you uncomfortable for a little while to make someone else comfortable. This way, we can have a pure motive towards life.

Who am I??

I’m here thinking that dude next to me has my back….that he can go out his way to put me on the right track.

It’s all a lie. Since the day I came to this earth, everyone just walks into my life and tells me who I am…tells me who they think I am, who they want me to be…to their advantage of course.

I never got the chance to take a deep breathe and ask me who I am until now. I didn’t name myself, I didn’t pick my parents….

Everything I am right now is based on what people(parents, friends, siblings.) say I am.

Then I thought who do I think I am. Most people accept what everyone says they are and it becomes a big problem for them.

Think about, no one is important in your life unless you make them. We’re all going round in circles thinking we’re going to find our other half…is there really another half??…it’s as absurd as looking for a pin in a haystack. Understanding yourself is very tasking, how then would someone who doesn’t see through the lens of your eyes understand you??

What you were, are and would be depends all on thoughts and words. What you think is what you are, also what people think you are is what they say you are.

People perceive the aura that you give off and this strikes a thought in their mind, an image of who you are to them…judging from your countenance.

Words and thoughts makes a person. So if you want to be a good person, think good things about yourself. Read, listen and write good things about yourself.

Why you’re not fashionable.

Traditionally modern.

You can wear shirts and trousers and still look fire…like my drawing up there, no doubt they killed the fit. Fashion is not putting on so many clothes to catch peoples attention, you can wear a top with shorts and look better than someone that wears supreme jackets, gold chains, yeezy boosts…and all those really popular brands. It’s not uncool to wear them but it’s also not uncool not to. Fashion is basically a vague option of different style, and your are fashionable when you find what works for you in the vast options. I see different styles that are so attractive but the question you should ask yourself is ‘How would that look on me??’

Click this link to see some of my fashion sketches.